Acorn Wax Seal Charm, patience, perseverance, hard work, oak tree, seed, nut, silver bronze wax seal jewelry, acorn necklace


An acorn is often considered a symbol of patience, perseverance, and hard work. For those acorns that drop to the ground and survive without being eaten, they will become oak trees. It takes many years before an oak tree is mature enough to develop acorns of its own.

This charm measures approximately 5/8" . Because the charms are each hand crafted, their size may vary ever-so-slightly.

Each seal is available in silver (99.99 percent silver vs. 92.5 which is sterling) or bronze for the same price. Each seal comes with a story about its existence (as seen in first paragraph of description)


Materials: silver, bronze


Complete the look of your wax seal charm:

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Sterling silver or bronze charm bracelets are available here:


Silver charm holder necklaces are available here:


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Acorn Wax Seal Charm